Passenger Rights

In passenger transportation by road, our fundamental vision is based on a service approach that prioritizes safety, innovation, and “Unconditional Passenger Satisfaction.” With this vision, we carry out our activities as an expression of our corporate culture and in line with the requirements of “Total Quality Management” in all processes where our passengers receive services, based on the following principles.

Right to Safe Travel

We are committed to taking all necessary precautions to ensure that all our passengers can travel safely.

Right to Unconditional Passenger Happiness

We are committed to ensuring unconditional passenger happiness and meeting the present and future needs of our passengers in the best possible way for enjoyable journeys. This principle is embraced by all our employees as the most experienced team in Turkey.

Right to Enjoyable Travel

As a local and national brand, we adopt our historical values and traditions as our corporate culture. Hospitality and “offering” are at the forefront of our traditions, where guests are treated in the best possible way. We consider each passenger as our guest and welcome them with rich complimentary menus in line with Turkish hospitality.

Right to Respect and Reputation

Our passengers have the right to travel with a smiling, polite, and respectful approach.

Right to Privacy and Confidentiality

We prioritize keeping our passengers’ personal information and travel schedules confidential and fulfilling all necessary legal obligations in this regard under any circumstances.

Right to Request Information

Our passengers have the right to obtain information about all stages of our service processes. Responding to our passengers’ questions with the support of all our support units and employees who embrace our company culture is our fundamental principle.

Right to Obtain Accurate Information

In all processes before and after the journey, we are committed to providing our passengers, who trust us, with accurate information at all times and under all circumstances.

Right to Reach the Promised Time

In line with the principles of ethical and honest business conduct, we have committed to realistically scheduling the departure and arrival times of our services without misleading our passengers.

Right to Report Complaints/Opinions and Suggestions

Our passengers have the right to initiate, conclude, and be informed about the complaint mechanism in case of neglect of their rights or dissatisfaction. Responding within 24 hours from the application is the main philosophy of our 24/7 accessible Call Center and Passenger Relations Department.

Right to Fulfill Religious Duties

We show maximum sensitivity to allow our passengers to fulfill their religious duties and take the necessary measures. We ensure the presence of prayer areas at our stops, and during the month of Ramadan, we update our complimentary offerings and break schedules according to iftar (breaking fast) and sahur (pre-dawn meal) times.

Right to Unconditional Refund and Change

Embracing the principle that “Travel is Freedom,” we have adopted the principle of providing our passengers with more flexibility and freedom in travel programs. Passengers can make unconditional changes and cancellations to their tickets up to 6 hours before departure through our sales offices, call center, website, and mobile application.

Right to Property Safety

We take care to ensure that the luggage compartments in all our vehicles are organized and hygienic, taking the necessary precautions to transport our passengers’ luggage safely and intact throughout the journey. Our Call Center and Passenger Relations Department are available 24/7 to provide the necessary support if our passengers’ rights regarding their luggage are neglected.