About us

Our company Alpar Turizm was established on 1st April 1972 and since then operates bus transportation services to Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece, Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro and Azerbaijan.

Domino Line was established on 24th November 2009 in Skopje, Macedonia and it is the sister company of Alpar Turizm, which operates with comfortable hospitality bus travel and offers trips to Istanbul and Croatia.

Our vision:

To continue to be a reliable, loyal and top-notch bus transportation company, that offers high-quality service and customer support. Our customers’ needs always come first and we tend to stay their first choice when looking for comfortable bus transport and journey.

Our mission:

– Offering safe and pleasant travel with comfort and always improving the quality of our service.
– Always developing and upgrading our range of destinations and services, so that we may offer the best possible choices to our customers.
– Increasing the market share by an increase of happy customers.
– Supporting all kinds of community projects in sectors such as health, education and art, which come to our attention through the funds and foundations of the same.